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American Vipers

February 06, 2013 By: Scott Spiegel Category: Gun Control

2The tragic news story about Marine reservist Eddie Ray Routh shooting and killing Iraq War veteran/former Navy SEAL/American Sniper author Chris Kyle at a Texas gun range features every juicy element liberals salivate over:

  • Guns killing innocent people
  • Ex-military men demonstrating violent, unstable behavior
  • Ex-military men acquiring post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional difficulties from wartime combat
  • Tacky Texan bitter-clingers causing mayhem
  • Gun owners dying in ironic ways
  • A tragic, one-in-a-million aberrance serving as fodder for pushing liberal policies on millions of people who have done nothing wrong and heretofore exercised their rights responsibly

Here’s the story: American hero Chris Kyle served his country for a decade in Iraq, completed four tours of duty, and earned 14 medals, including 5 Bronze Stars and 2 Silver Stars.  Kyle killed over 150 Iraqi insurgents, and, in his crowning achievement, successfully shot from 1.2 miles away a terrorist aiming a rocket launcher at a U.S. Army convoy.

Kyle fulfilled his mission with aplomb, despite living with a bounty on his head, and despite having twice been hit by enemy gunfire.  If there were a list of the top 10 Americans who helped bring the long Iraq War to a decisive conclusion, Chris Kyle would be just a couple of slots down from General David Petraeus.

In his civilian life, Kyle started a security and law enforcement training company and a nonprofit outfit offering physical fitness equipment to wounded veterans.  He wrote a bestselling book on his career and briefly starred in a popular, military-themed reality show.  Kyle offered counseling to emotionally troubled veterans, including his friend and eventual murderer Eddie Routh.

Naturally, those bundles of patriotic joy in the Huffington Post comments section had the following to say about Kyle’s death:

“This malignant Christian warrior can now battle Muslims in ‘Heaven’ for the right to rape virgins.”

“Hero?  I think not!  Not when he bragged about his kills!  He enjoyed his job just a little too much.”

“If only Chris Kyle had been armed this would not have happened…  What?  He was?  Never mind.”

“How many pro-gun rights advocates gotta’ die since Sandy Hook?”

“Justice has been served.”

In response to one comment’s defense, “This was no way for a warrior to die,” another poster replied, “Perfectly fitting.”

One reader weighed in:

“Merely being in the military doesn’t elevate a person above others or make a person noble.”

No, shooting 150 dangerous insurgents while evading a bounty on your head, serving four tours of duty, earning 14 medals, and starting a security training firm and a fitness company for wounded veterans makes a person noble.

The same reader contributed this envious rejoinder to those who would praise Kyle’s actions:

“Remember, the military is a CAREER, and a very good one at that.  The military offers benefits no other civilian job offers: money for college, retirement, pension, family benefits, medical.”  So does working for the federal government, though I don’t think paper cuts and Carpal tunnel syndrome are quite as lethal as land mines and insurgent fire.

Another aspect of the Kyle story that thrills liberals is the fact that Routh committed the shootings with a scary-sounding “semi-automatic weapon”—or, as most Americans would call the actual weapon used, a “handgun.”  This detail is especially ideology-reaffirming for the Left after reports that the guns used in the Newtown, Connecticut shooting included an assault rifle were proven false.  (Note that, as with the Newtown shootings, a ban on “assault weapons” would not have outlawed the type of gun Routh used to kill Kyle.)

Meanwhile, failed presidential candidate and vicious asp Ron Paul, who thinks the United States should never, ever defend itself or its allies militarily against any country anywhere, for any reason, tweeted, “Chris Kyle’s death seems to confirm that ‘he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.’”  Yes, and he who runs the perpetual presidential campaign on an insanely, suicidally, autistically noninterventionist foreign policy loses the perpetual presidential campaign on said policy.

But wait: wasn’t it a group of Navy SEALS who used firepower to take out Osama bin Laden—Barack Obama’s one, overrated, loudly trumpeted foreign policy success in the War on Terror?  Isn’t Paul impressed with the SEALS and their firepower for that accomplishment?

Oh, right—Paul wouldn’t have ordered the bin Laden killing, out of respect for “international law,” and believes we brought 9/11 on ourselves with our belligerence.  So I guess guns, Navy SEALS, and courage don’t really have any use for liberals or Paulnuts.

Just as with their barely suppressed glee a couple of weeks ago over a sprinkling of minor firearms accidents at gun rallies (rallies instigated in response to the Left’s move to restrict and ban hundreds of categories of guns), liberals have shown that they don’t really care about bravery, compassion, or life, only about exploiting every tragedy and misfortune to push their insane agenda.

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